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Pickle Goodies

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Pickle is a funny word

I'm a children's author myself, and always looking for fun ways to bring kids into reading. In The Wacky Adventures of Tony, I'm reminded of the discussion in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys in which the characters are discussing the nature of which words are funny. Pickle is the king of them all. Here we start with a sentient pickle who is also half fairy and who is literally in a pickle. It's a great and funny idea to get kids reading.

Robert McLay

Tony Teaches Children How To Cope With Adversity

"A funny yet compelling story written in a down-to-earth children-friendly way. Tony sets an example of how communication skills break barriers and help during adversity."

Emiliano S. Zocher

Billy's Reading Addiction

"My little boy loves Tony so much. He asks me to read him the book before nap time, for bedtime stories as well. He even goes off some times to read it by himself."

Jenna Martins, MA

A Fantasy World Takes You Hand in Hand

 "I enjoy reading Tony The Pickle to my girl, Samantha, and she enjoys it too."

Marissa Kleinfield, FL

Cute story about a little pickle Tony

Children's picture book "The Wacky Adventures of Tony The Pickle" by J.B. Zuker is a cute story about a little pickle Tony that would surely appeal to younger children. It is very nicely drawn and has an interesting story that will attract children's attention because it is full of color and colorful scenery. In the story, we follow the adventures of the fairy little pickle Tony who embarks on an adventure in a world unknown to him. I like the picture book because at the end of the story they have three games for kids that they will like and so nicely complement this picture book. All in all very good and I am convinced that the children will like it. I am convinced that the sequel will be just as good as this cute story

Stjepan Varesevac Cobets |VINE VOICE|

A Letter From Tony

Hi, my name is Tony. My creator has been keeping me in her mind for a very long time. I had to convince her to let me out because it is time for me to shine.

Many years ago, maybe ..., almost fifteen, she was babysitting the kids of a friend of her dad’s. She was very excited to get a job and make some extra cash but what she didn’t know is that she would meet me inside her head.

Back then she was more open about who she told about me, she told these very special kids stories of me for years and years. She even told other kids she babysat about me, Tony The Pickle, and shared the magical world I live in. I mean she gave me wings and a friend, and even a girl-friend girlfriend.

I would be part of kids' bed-time story and even part of their dreams. Because my wacky adventures were being told. But slowly I was towed away and stopped being the center of children’s bed-time story.

I was very happy when I got to be written for the first time and my stories were not only heard but also read.

I hope you enjoy the many wacky adventures I go on and keep your imagination alive. Because we are kids only once.


Tony The Pickle

PS: J.B. Zuker I love you too for putting pen down and writing our various adventures.

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